B24 - Firmware 2.5.4 - Cloud reporting Issues

Anyone else seeing issues with B24 Units disconnecting from Mimosa Cloud management ? We have around 15 pairs on the network and are seeing random units unable to connect to the cloud even though one end of the link does and we can ping the internet from the offending units. Only started happening after 2.5.4 upgrade

No, but then again I have not paid much attention to my B24s…

Have you played with the Self Hosed Mimosa Cloud Server yet?

No, I haven’t seen a formal release, is there a Beta Download ?

Please check out this thread and contact @DustinS

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There is a download – I worked with support online to get added to the beta group.

One thing to note is this is designed for a Linux-based host. We got it, but haven’t had a chance to get to it yet (thanks to mother nature). Because of this, I can’t offer anything more than @William5 has here.