B24 Flow Control Does Not Work with Netonix Switch

Using netonix switches in our network. Recently added 4 B24s into the configuration. We were using AF24s and used flow control. We have the switches set to BOTH and we have flow control enabled in the B24s. The switch indicates flow control is not engaged.

I really don’t care about whether or not you thing flow control is good or bad or needed or not.
We have it enabled and it is not working. I believe this is a bug.

There are not a lot of Mimosa Personnel here on the forms frequently, so proper bug reports are probably best reported to Mimosa Support directly.

I will see if I can duplicate your issue this evening with my B24, but I do not know how to go about checking to see if Flow Control is being “Engaged”. Would you mind elaborating? AFAIK, the only indicator for Flow Control would be in the Netonix port details showing that it has received a “pause frame”.

I know in the past that Flow Control has needed to be turned off on the switch (Netonix) and on the radio.

On the switch it indicates no flow control. The partial screenshot attached shows no indication of flow control on port 1 (B24) but shows it active on port 5.