B24 hardware missing AZ lock hardware

This is the third link I have received in as many months that is missing the Az lock hardware. The first time we noticed, they were already installed on the towers and we were back to repath. It turns out a couple zip ties will hold it long enough to make a round trip climb with hardware that fits. I figured it was a fluke. NOW 2 MORE LINKS! We have now ordered the $100+ heavier duty mounts to try so we no longer have to deal with the questionable hardware that comes in the box.

This has happened to us as well. These damn things are clumsy enough and difficult to tune even WITH the AZ lock screw! What’s the remedy on Mimosa’s end and how does anyone get to the right human being to get some solution?

Customer wanted 6 B24’s installed and all 6 of them are missing the AZ lock bolts.

i have 4 B24’s installed with missing AZ LOCK, where can i buy it or claim for it? purchased in CDR distributor from poland

Same thing happened to me. Get hold of Dustin through the forum and let him know. A whole bunch of these got out in the market with missing components.

BTW, you’ve got to keep hounding them before you get any action.