B24 in a 2.8Miles PTP will work?

Hi, need to upgrade a 5Ghz backhaul I was wondering to test a 24Ghz, have some WISP here has done this before? I now the weather issue that will degrade the link but where I live is l never snow place, all tropical/caribbean. The rain is a factor, need field test at least 3 miles and their performance experiences. Thanks in advance

For about a year I had a 2.4 mile B24 link up. It was good for 300~350Mbps in both directions most of the time. It would degrade in moderate rain and drop in heavy rain. Moderate and heavy are relative to my location in Northern California. Snow was only an issue once when slushy snow built up on one side of the link. Rain is going to be a real issue at your distance.

There are certainly better choices for a link of this distance, but it will “work” at 2.8 miles. Whether it will work well enough or be reliable enough for your needs is the real question.

You can check it in Mimosa’s tool: design.mimosa.co

Thanks for sharing you experience, I know it wll work but heavy rain until it drop need to be test. In my case no snow, here is hot always, but when it rains dont know how it will perform , Maybe an AF24 or HD will sustain the link in heavy rain