B24 installation and first test


I’m just writing my first test of B24 here because there is no B24 category yet

  • + Device looks good
  • + it’s easy to assemble
  • -- bracket is not a precision one. You can do aiming vertically, but when you open the horizontal screw the device moves vertically also :((
  • + good response time <1ms (in full traffic 4ms)
  • ++ about 1.3Gb/s half duplex
  • + 2.4G management WiFi
  • - weak power level

When you are in europe you can’t use this device at max. throughput. ETSI power only allow half of the throughput :frowning:
When I changed to out of Europe the max. power level is +4 also (but more power out). Why?

In the desing tool there would be nice an expected RX level data (dBm) to help aiming.

best regards, Gabor

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