B24 Installation and first testing impressions

Creating topic to move conversation into the new B24 product category.

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I’m just writing my first test of B24 here because there is no B24 category yet

  • + Device looks good
  • + it’s easy to assemble
  • -- bracket is not a precision one. You can do aiming vertically, but when you open the horizontal screw the device moves vertically also :((
  • + good response time <1ms (in full traffic 4ms)
  • ++ about 1.3Gb/s half duplex
  • + 2.4G management WiFi
  • - weak power level

When you are in europe you can’t use this device at max. throughput. ETSI power only allow half of the throughput :frowning:
When I changed to out of Europe the max. power level is +4 also (but more power out). Why?

In the desing tool there would be nice an expected RX level data (dBm) to help aiming.

best regards, Gabor

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We put up a link yesterday

1.4 miles
mac tx/rx reports 624/702

waiting for rain now to see how it does

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defiantly let the rest of us know!!! Where is the link?

Muskoka Ontario Canada

I agree with the bracket. I was disappointed. Looked really good, but real life experience with it is disappointing.

Very difficult to aim precisely…

Can someone share the throughput settings page? Can you allocate 80%/20% bandwidth or is it 50/50 75/25, etc?

50/50, 75/25, 25/75, or Auto currently.

Also on the bracket, you just have to be careful when tightening down the screws.

It also helps if you do the top AZ lock screw before the bottom one. The bottom one is the one that really requires you to tighten slowly or you’ll mess up your alignment.

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What does Auto do? I basically just want to be able to do 1 Gbps down and whatever’s left-over as the upload.

+1 on this, the bracket is the weak link…

Regarding software a few things would be useful,

“Test mode” with rollback on safe config

A way to reset Uptime / Link availability and log without reboot

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Auto basically dynamically adjusts your TDMA window to fit your throughput needs. If you are looking for 1G down, you’ll need to set this radio to Auto mode.

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Hi @Jean3,

These exact software features are being discussed. Hopefully you’ll see them in a firmware version sometime soon!

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Did a new install of the B24 on a 3.3km link- got it going at -62- then the remote end locked down their scews, and it shot up to -70. Like this is almost one of the worst “fine” alignment foul ups i’ve ever seen. For $800/radio I would expect more. Also the mount doesn’t actually lock the left to right- so in fierce winds- this link is going to get blown all over the place. The spring inside the until just does not cut it.

The radio is great so far- the mount is bad. Did anyone do any wind load testing on this before shipping it?

Also- why can’t we SSH into these units? It would be nice to run tcpdump to check if traffic is going over the right interface or if it’s getting dropped.

No Mimosa device exposes SSH to the user, it’s and old complaint, but not going anywhere soon AFIK. Thanks for the report. I wonder how @Neil got his system bolted down in his winter storms…

Hmmm. Not sure I want to invest more into these then if I can’t access raw network traffic for troubleshooting or reclaiming and orphaned device. Using ssh -D or -L is a life saver when you need to get to a device that has local IP, but the wrong route.

I think that is the point, these things are setup to be straight bridges. Anyways, Mimosa has a decent GUI, with fallback addresses, and their SNMP (probably the better way to do monitoring, even though I get sick every time I play with it) is getting pretty good.

Hi @David40,

I’m sorry you’re having issues with tightening down the mount. It took me a few installs to get it right! So when wrenching down on the elevation screws, you need to be gentle with them. Start by tightening the top screw, but don’t wrench down on it hard and fast.

Then do the bottom screw the same way. If you go fast, it’ll end up causing the radio alignment to be off some on elevation.

As for your left to right, you just have to make sure you’re tightening down the Fine AZ screw. This takes a 10MM wrench and a 5MM Allen wrench to do.

I have a great video you can watch that takes you through mounting, alignment and tightening of the radio mount. I have done many B24 installs and alignments and they don’t move.

Here is the link to my video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0VvIdUpIm8&list=PL2esqxCE1YsI7icwCtwuGp7WrcpIhdg2t

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You pointed out the 10mm bolts, did you get the 5mm Allen deal underneath and on the back side of the bracket? do both of your links do the same wobble? If not then I would bet on a bad bracket.