B24 is rebooting constantly after reboot to device

Hi, I have several radios with finware 2.5.4 that after giving a reboot to the equipment, this is constantly restarting.

Many are in towers implemented, I downloaded a couple and I have them in the lab, I tried with the new finware, however the problem persists.

At the physical level, we use shielded cat6 utp cable, which has been verified and certified, the power supply of the corresponding radio. All physical troubleshooting tests have been performed, in the lab we have a pair of B24 connected, we have tried to downgrade to version 2.5.3 and then upgrade to versions 2.5.4 and but the same behavior is observed.

I want to avoid that this error is repeated in other steps that I have active that have not given this behavior yet.

Is anyone having this same problem?

Hi. We have same problem on four B24. I found, if B24 boots without GPS signal, the start runs correctly. And then factory setting, upgrade or downgrade firmware doesn’t help. B24 with GPS signal restart repeatable again again again…

Hi, same problem here. For now 4 B24 do not start after a reboot. indoors they start normally. We downgrade firmware, reset to factory defaults, etc… but when we take them outside they do not start, reboot loop. It may be something related to the GPS ?¿


You’re problem sounds different. The original poster was only having problems after a firmware upgrade. Yours sounds more as if you have a PoE problem. Verify that you have sufficient power at the end of the cable run. For a better response, you should start a new conversation for your request.

I have this problem, just yesterday I did a massive restart to my radios c5c, b5 etc, but the b24 ptp did not link again. These b24s had been operating well for about 70 days, so cable/poe problem could be ruled out. But I put an electrical extension near the radio with a poe cable only 3 meters from the antenna, but both are in the same cycle reset. They were operating with firmware 2.5.5. Download the equipment, inside if they start, update to download to version 2.5.4, but it continues to do the same as soon as it goes outside, I think it’s something from the gps. Hopefully there will be a solution soon thanks

@Juan23 Your case is the same as mine, the radios had been running for a long time, after a reboot they started with this loop reboot behavior. That’s why I had to try with the finware but nevertheless this behavior remained.

I started to search in the community if someone had posted the same thing, since in my case I started to have this problem this week.

This same problem we have
3 links all in one time.
We downgrade firmware, factory reset.but when we take them outside they don’t boot, restart the loop.
But we have 1 link and no signal gps and this one link normal work
This start 3-4 day ago…
New firmware this same problem…

Mimosa must implemented gps signal off in program because this is criticial nessesery.
UBNT have that

Do you know if mimosa personnel have responded to this issue? We have not been able to solve it and it is not possible to apply any change to the radios because they remain with the reboot loop.

They comment that the B24 radios manufactured in 2018 are being affected in their operation in the GPS, the development team is working to find a solution to the problem.

@Juan23 Thanks for the information

In my case I confirm it is detail with the gps. To reestablish the link, you have to inhibit the gps signal, what I did was wrap the antenna with enough aluminum foil, when turning on it obviously does not detect the gps, but after the start the paper is removed after several minutes the gps works again. If it doesn’t seem to work, add more aluminum foil.

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It’s always nice when people share workarounds they’ve discovered. Thank you.

We refuse to wrap B24 in the aluminium foil at the sites :slight_smile: We hope Mimosa is going to solve this problem quickly, otherwise we are force to leave this supplier.

GPS jammers exist. I wonder if this would be a legal use for such a device? You’d only use it for a couple of minutes until the device boots up. It would save climbing the tower to wrap the GPS antenna.

However, it appears that it may give a way for Mimosa to fix the problem. I wonder if the firmware didn’t bring up the GPS until after the unit finished booting would help?

We have 4 b24s that behave similarly. They never finish booting at the tower but boot fine in the office. We have had to replace them with af60lrs because they were supporting 2 critical backhauls. The 5th unit was our spare new in the box and it acted the same too. We actually have 1 that still works correctly and was at the same site as 1 that fails.

We had to replace the ones that were giving the reboot failure with AF24, we still have B24 on towers that have remained stable. However, we avoid applying changes to prevent them from repeating the failure of the others.

It would be ideal that mimosa applies in the finware to add the option to disable the gps of the radios as UBNT has.

We originally replaced AF24s with B24s because of the reduced power needs at our solar sites. The AF60’s provide more bandwith with reduced power use.

Mimosa B24 is totally â– â– â– â– !!! B24 with firmware without a specific reason is now rebooting itself over and over again.
Mimosa doesn’t reply. I wrote to the support, with no reply.

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