B24 link only ~200Mbps

This might be a better place to post this. We’re running into a bottleneck issue and haven’t been able to root it out yet. We have a B24 link that can only do about 220 Mbps total TCP throughput with a PHY of 1170/1170, MAC of 702/702. SNRs of 25-25-30-30.They’re all plugged into a Netonix WS-12-250-DC.

The Netonix is showing zero errors on the ports, and I’m not getting any dropped packets when I bandwidth test from Mikrotik hEX behind a CPE to a hEX plugged into the Netonix. Flow control is set to “Both”. When using 2x40 Mhz channels vs. 2x80 Mhz channels, the UDP throughput doubles as expected, but the TCP throughput is the same at ~200-220Mbps.

Any thoughts that could be causing this? Some interaction with the switch?

Moderator note: Just a FYI, this is the same post as TCP bottleneck from Netonix to A5c to C5c’s so people don’t get confused.

Doubt the switch.

Have you tried bandwidth testing from/to something with a little more beef then a hEX? My CCRs will push near a Gig just fine, if they are not doing anything else. Personally I like IPerf for real capacity testing, though I frequently use the Mikrotik BTest from my computer to a CCR for convience’s sake.

You say that are plugged into a “Netonix WS…” are they plugged into the same one?

What are you getting for throughput with the UDP Test?

Have you changed the number of TCP Streams you are testing with?

Hex can’t can do more then 220MBit @ TCP Bandwidth Test
Buy 2x4011

lol, 4011 would be able to max out with the bandwidth test, but I bet it would be cheaper to just setup an IPerf server on the network. Super handy for testing customer connections.