B24 - Low Throughput - Back-to-Back Testing

Hi there,

We recently purchased a pair of B24s to test out as we loved the small form factor. I am currently doing some in-building back-to-back testing just to get a feel of the product. I’ve run some speedtest, with some very underwhelming results. The best I see is about 250+ Mbps up/down. I’ve turned the gain down to -23 dBm. Traffic Split is set to Auto, and the Rate adaption is PER/Conservative. Channel width is set to 2x80. I was hoping to see something close to 600-700 Mpbs throughput up/down in this test. Am I doing something wrong? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @Dit,

It would be great to see some screenshots of your Dashboard pages. That will help us start trying to deduce what might be happening with your B24 link.

Also what are you testing with? Laptops on both sides running Iperf? Mikrotiks running Iperf? Speedtest.net?