B24 Mac Forwarding Table


I know the A5c’s are able to show you some sort of MAC forwarding table for various devices connected to it. This is really helpful when verifying the CPE devices being used at the customer’s premises.

I don’t see a way to find this in the B24. Is there a way that Mimosa would be able to grab this information themselves via ssh or is there some other way that I am missing that I would be able to get it?

I believe that’s a feature in the 2.8.1 Beta, but that’s not in the pipeline for the B24 yet.

@DustinS would be the person I would summon to get a feature request put into the pipeline.

Thanks! This would be extremely helpful since we do have some areas where there are 2 houses side by side that act as MDUs (think around 4 “apartments” in each) and it makes sense to have a B24 link that can be shared amongst customers in those apartments. We currently don’t have a managed switch there to log into remotely that could help identify end customer devices off of this link, so I was hoping in the meantime, a B24 MAC forwarding table would be helpful to at least help with the auditing process as we try to match up CPE devices in the records that we have.

Hi @Christopher,

So anything running 2.8.X will have a MAC forwarding table along with the A5c on 2.5.3. Unfortunately, the B24 won’t have a viewable MAC table for some time. If you are able to provide remote access to your unit, Support might be able to SSH in and give you a screen cap of the current MAC table.