B24 Mount Options

Are there any plans to introduce a new B24 mount? We honestly went back to using AF24’s solely because it’s impossible to aim these things. The elevation works fine. The azimuth adjustment is a joke.

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Look https://www.i4wifi.cz/_d7131.html

The vertical alignment on B24 is really bad. Hope they fix it soon.

Very interesting @Stanislav. Thanks for the link.

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I’m guessing that is just for this little blue piece to fit the Jirous JDMW-900?

Does anyone else make these or do they stock them in the U.S. anywhere?

You probably could get a machinist to make it for you. Would cost a bit more then mass produced, but I know a guy who could whip some out for you if you wanted. He would either need the mount and a B24 or a pretty good set of measurements.

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