B24 new Firmware

Is there a plan release of a new firmware version for B24?

Is there a feature wish list somewhere ?


Put it here or message @DustinS or @Jaime to get your wishes known. I think you can email dustins@mimosa.co as well.

New B24 Firmware wish list & suggestions;

A config Test & Roll back
A clear log function
Reset Link Availability
Add time zone

Could you elaborate on the 2nd, 3rd and last wishlist items?

2 -> A way to clear the event log, every other device as something like that
3.-> Ability to reset the Availability to 100% (when you do changes and know that the “unavailable” time was cause by what you just did…
4. -> It difficult to look at logs that are on different time zone, UTC only ?

Yes time zone 100% for sure its annoying trying to figure out the log as to when an even actually happened. Also to add to the list how about the ability like noted to roll back a config after say 3-4 mjnutes unless you finalize the commit. Basically a test feature so you make a change hit test it does the change for 3-4 minutes then reverts back unless you tell it to keep the change or not keep it etc