B24 Release, will B5 Price Drop?

Since the B24 price isn’t much more than a B5 can we expect to see price drops on the B5’s?

I’ve seen the price go down on Baltic recently and also on eBay, quite a few NEW units are lower priced.

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These are two distinctly different products in the line… B24 is 24ghz (shorthaul), vs 5ghz B5 series (longhaul).

I’ve noted a slight decrease in general for the Mimosa products, but that’s not too unusual as the competition battles things out to get our business.

I would be surprised to see a huge change in price just because the B24 is shortly available since they are not really the same but an evolution of the product line. I’ll happily take one though!

I think you’re probably correct on that.

What about Mimosa B24 vs Ubiquiti AF24? Do you think Ubiquiti will lower their prices to compete with Mimosa?

As you mentioned earlier I also agree with taking a B24. I would happily take a B24 for “testing” :wink: .

I think a price drop in the AF24 line might happen, but from my reading and understanding their equipment has bigger antennas (not to mention separated TX and RX antennas) which seem to give them a slight distance edge.

Even so, the price for the AF24 line has been dropping on BalticNetworks a bit over the last few months and the AF24 line might be in for a refresh in the coming year. (its about 4 years old at this point) Though that is just an assumption, I have not heard any scuttle butt to indicate it.

In my humble opinion, the AF24 line encourages people to build links that are too far for 24 to be reliable and that is where people have run into problems. The B24 being a smaller package and much lower price makes me want to use it way more then doubling my price for a small amount of distance.

I can agree to those thoughts.
I like to build links 2 miles or less because I really like full bandwidth. I like the full duplex of the AF24’s.
The B24 specs say 2 miles, I’m only going to ever use those at 1 mile or less.
Commercial customers (manufacturing facilities, large warehouse spaces, etc) who want hefty bandwidth I typically use Ubiquiti AF24 or AF11 or Siklu. Maybe B24 might get some action now.

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