B24 reliability

Hello all. I’ve got an application that I think is perfect for the B24. It’s a 1.6mi (2.6Km) PTP shot w/ clear line of site and in the dry Arizona desert. My question is how reliable are these radios? it’s hard to tell from the forum as folks usually post with issues but not when things are going well. Please share your reliability stories so I can make an educated decision.

Thanks in advance!

It’s not clear if you are asking about reliability of the link due to rain fade, or hardware reliability.

I suspect that in the AZ desert, you will be fine at that distance except during a monsoon. You might not reach max modulation rates though.

I’ve not had any physical problems with the ones I have. They work just fine.

Thanks Jacob. I was interested in the hardware reliability aspect. May I ask how many hops you have and how long they’ve been running?

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We have 2 links up. One we use ourselves and another we set up for a client.

ours is 1.4 km / 4518 ft. The other is a bit shorter.

We are in the cold, so rarely get a day above +35*C.

Both links have been rock solid. No port flapping issues like we’ve seen on the B5C or other strangeness.

Performance has been good as well. I’m honestly not sure when these were installed, but based on the firmware and my memory, it’s likely been a little under 2 years.

Both sites are running on AC and both have had power outages and have come back without issues.

We have a few more applications where we could use these and likely would not hesitate as they have proven themselves to us.

Thanks Arthur. Does anyone have B24s running in desert temperatures?

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About 1.5 years. Just a single hop. There aren’t many places in my network where the B24 makes sense to use.

I have a B24 I have been running for almost a year now and it’s been rock solid, 1.2 miles. At your distance you probably won’t be able to use an 80 MHz wide channel. 40 should work alright, mine is just on the edge for 80 MHz, but then again, I only eyeballed the alignment and have left it where it is at because it’s “close enough”

Southern California here we have about 6 links all performing well. Do yourself a favor buy the beefier mounts it will save you hours of frustration trying to align them. Jirous part# jdmw-900 mi further you go the less thruput you get due to lower modulation etc…

Extreme reliable. We have 8 radios on our network running with perfection over 3 years until now. I recommend them with full heart.

Thanks Miroslav! Did you get your issue resolved with the ports dropping? What was the fix?

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You welcome. Ports are OK, SFTP CAT7 outdoor cable was placed under sharp angle bellow a roof construction so after cable replacing, everything went well. :wink:

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