B24 - SFP port issue


I have got an issue with SFP port.
There is no data traffic when you disconnect and connect back the fiber to SFP(or the link goes down, because switch power down)

B24 is powered with original PoE via RJ-45. UTP is used only for power, no data.
All data traffic is handled by SFP port.

SFP port is enabled in B24. Fail-safe is off.

You have to manually disconnect the power from B24 in order to restart it. After the restart, data traffic is back. You can access the device etc. However, if there is an issue on the fiber link, even for a very short of time, you loose connectivity. With no chance to restore, but unplug the B24 from power and power it back again.

I also checked the SFP port status in B24 via Wi-Fi console. The port was UP, but no data flowing(before restart).
The strange thing is, that SFP on active device(switch) is down(before restart). Even though I can see LEDs flashing and Rx/Tx power levels at SFP port in the switch.

Has anyone encountered this issue?

I contacted Mimosa support with this. But the issue didn’t manifest at their side.
They claims, that it’s probably caused by unsupported SFP. And that you have to use of these : Backhaul Installation Guide: Fiber Port & IP67 Gland Installation

I tried 3 pairs of similar SFPs to no avail. Also several active devices behind B24.
But the only solution to this so far is disconnect the unit from power and plug it back in.

I would welcome any advice.

thank you

Weird, no I have not seen this, but I could try to duplicate the issue with my B24.

Are you using the SFP port on both sides or just one?

It will take me a couple days to get fiber run over to my B24, but I will try to duplicate it. What firmware version are you running?

Hi William,

thx for your reply.
Yes, fiber is used at both B24. But for this issue, you can go with just 1 B24.
I also simulated this in the office using 1 B24, switch, bunch of SFPs and patch cables.

Tested with 3 FW versions


and 2 beta version(probably not available to everyone)


Right now, my only guess is, that you might need to use only supported SFP in the list.
But this makes no sense. More people would find this issue, cause not everyone is willing to buy only these 4 types of SFP.

I also try to use a different switches. Where I just needed to shutdown manually the port connected to B24. After enabling the port again, the link didn’t come back up. Status was down.

Even though you could see real time DDM of SFP in the switch port - current Tx/Rx values etc.
Even LEDs of the port are green. But the port itself doesn’t work for data exchange.

I wonder…what’s causing this. Cause the issue was not confirmed by Mimosa support. However they use “supported” Finisar SFPs.

Thank you
Kind regards