B24 Testing Failing HARD!

So I’ve hard horrible experiences with mimosa gear so far but thought I would give the B24 a shot mostly because I really really hate the AF24 and AF24HD heavy hard to aim horrible software setup but they work so far the B24 I plug AP into my switch using the original injector station links up -39 just on opposite sides of my house still LOS though then run a few speed test in the gui look good then AP witch is hardwired in station isn’t connected to anything but injector web gui freezes and I can no longer even ping the hardwired AP WTF lol makes no sense

both new out of the box and updated to latest 2.5.4

I’m having a hard time following your wiring. You say the AP and Station are both hardwired. Just to verify, the Station is hardwired into the injector only, not into a switch. Is that correct? You also say you have LOS (Loss of Signal) but can run a speed test between the 2 units?

If, for testing purposes, you have the AP and Station both wired into the same switch, you may be creating a layer 2 loop.

He probably means ‘Line Of Sight’

Sorry, NASA nut here. :innocent: I was just watching some SpaceX videos before reading his post.

Additional question, what type of injector are you using that has a GUI? How is it getting its IP address? Could it be coming up on a default address then pulling a DHCP address after a few seconds, causing you to lose connectivity to it?

I think the management lockup is from the firewall kicking off. Though you should still be able to pass traffic…