B24 Transmit Power in Germany only -13dBm

We are a wireless internet service provider in germany. We have a new B24 and can only set the tx power to -13 dBm… the link we planned would be 1,5 km. when we change in link planner to etsi we will only get a maximum throughput about 203 Mbit/s. This is way not much enough. Is it possible to get higher tx power to gain more bandwith?

This is probably a question for Mimosa support (Bottom Right of your screen “Chat with us” button), I don’t know Germany’s 24 GHz EIRP limits, but my understanding of Europe is that they have much lower EIRP Limits (lower overall power that can be leaving the radio) then the United States.

One option would be to have a relay or two in the middle of the link, back to back B24s to keep distance minimized and bandwidth maximized. You would only be increasing latency by a couple ms and bandwidth should be much easier to maximize…

So ETSI regulations are the reason why you can only transmit at -13dBm. I believe ETSI only allows 20dBm EIRP and we have a 33dBi antenna, hence why you can only do -13dBm TX power.

You can unlock your radios to Licensed Germany mode. Please keep in mind that if/when you do that, and if you increase the TX power on your radio, you will be breaking ETSI rules.

To add a Licensed country to your account, please follow the directions at the following link: http://cloud.help.mimosa.co/changing-the-unlock-country

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There is no Germany Licensed Mode in the Dropdown Menu…

Let me check this out for you.

Please try adding Germany Licensed mode again. @Rene4

Thanks a lot, we see now germany licensed.