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Hi, I work for a small WISP in the UK. We have recently purchased a B24 for testing, our first Mimosa purchase (Rest is Ubiquiti and IgniteNet)
I would like to know the UK settings for this product. By default it seems to allow me to use 2 x 80mhz bandwidth -13dbm power 20dbm erp (the power seems correct), but on checking the regs it seems we can use frequency range 24.15-24.25 - 100mhz spectrum. So this means 2 x 40mhz channels should be allowed I think?

I have set my test link up using the above and so far the link seems ok, the radios are only 20m apart but this is fine for my tests.

I would be interested in some clarification on the UK rules, as I would like to run 2 x 80mhz but can’t see its allowed!



@Mimosa, any clarification?

I would assume that it is either a bug in the firmware (ergo, there will be a fix in the future that will break the 2x80 setting) Or the policy of the UK has changed in the last 2 years. I looked up the UK Chart and it looks like you are correct, 24.15-24.25.


Hi @Wayne1,

I just sent you a private message with more information on the UK regulatory settings.

Hi @DustinS, Thanks for the info. I appreciate its possible to override the UK settings, but I don’t want to do that, I need it to be compliant.
Currently the radio is giving the impression that 2 x 80mhz channels is fine in the UK, and I see the power is restricted to ensure compliance. The disti told me that Mimosa had closely followed the UK spec for 24ghz which why I am surprised that 2 x 80mhz is allowed in firmware. So the question is, have Ofcom told Mimosa something different to what we know already, or is this a mistake?


I need to find out from our product team. I’ll get you an answer asap

@Wayne1 I sent you a private chat on this.

Hi @dustinS & @Wayne1 please can you send me a private message or post the UK details please ?

Hi @Rob4 , do you mean the link to the Ofcom regs?

sorry got mixed up i thought you were from Mimosa. Its @david or @Dustin I should have mentioned.

I was interested in what they sent you in PM. Im after clarification on 24Ghz unlicensed spectrum in the UK. I know other manufacturers in other frequencies have closely worked with Ofcom to conform to UK specs. Didn’t know if Mimosa have in 24Ghz.

I previously looked at the Ofcom specifications a number of months ago and dismissed 24ghz as I didn’t think it’s legal.

However as there are reputable wireless distributors selling 24ghz (not just mimosa)in the UK I guessed it must be legal hence my Google search lead me here.

No problem. The B24 is using the correct frequency and power level if using the latest firmware. Previously the power level was correct for the UK but the frequency was to wide. This has now been corrected to 24.15-24.25 - 100mhz bandwidth. Basically its not great considering what they are allowed to run in the ROW but if only using for short hops upto around 600metres then they work ok.

Surprisingly I have encountered interference on 2 of my links (4 deployed so far) which I was not expecting. this might be because some car manufacturers were using 24ghz for radar cruise control, although I think they are now moving to ~77ghz on the latest models.

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Thanks for answering this @Wayne1!

Hi Wayne many thanks for the info!

Ofcom sure don’t make things clear.