B24 Unable to load data, no GPS, no link

Newly purchased 2 B24 and upgraded them to newest firmware 2.5.2

When I login to the devices:

  1. I get the alert: “Unable to load data. Please reload” every time I select menu option
  2. Unable to get GPS signal
  3. The station device can detect the AP device, both ssid and password are identical but when I select AP both device status shows no connection

Any help would be appreciated


What browser are you using?

Would you mind trying “private browsing mode”?

How are you connecting to the Radios?

Do the radios have a clear view of the sky?

I have tried a variety of browsers on Windows, Linux and Android platform.
Radios can be connected and all have clear unobstructed view of the sky.

However, the GPS and connection problem seems to have resolved by itself the next day.

Could it be that there is some security measurement in place which takes time to become effective after registering the Country of use?

I only get that message if I don’t have a good connection to the radio. Occasionally I get that message using Firefox. You might want to have a chat with Mimosa Support (They may want to have access to the radios, so try to have a computer that has access to the radios and the internet available for them to use.) Orange button on the bottom right of your screen that says “Chat with us”.