B24 - worst mount ever

I know this has been brought up by others but figure re-mentioning might inspire change eventually. The mount on the B24 is one of the most obtuse I’ve ever had to work with.

It’s a crude thing. Hose clamps to start, the rest of the mount is sloppy until you lock it down completely, resulting in repeated re-alignments after lock-down. It’s a mess, really.

Otherwise it isn’t a bad radio for the price. Installed a 2.5 mile link today with a pair (way beyond recommended distance, I know), and it is fully capable of saturating the capacity it says it has. An AF24 pair would perform better on this link but solar on both sides dictate otherwise.

Have you seen this?

Yep, watched that before mounting things. I still find the mount clumsy when all of the recommended practices are followed.

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anybody tried these yet ?


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No, but I might give it a go when I get around to playing with a B24 at my house.

That said, I am pretty sure IgniteNet gets the Worst Mount Ever Award in my book. Their own rep told me not to use the standard mount for a pretty short link, he even said the more advanced mount was getting a refresh because they had so many complaints. (I have tried both and found both of them severely wanting)

Ya’ll ain’t got nothing to complain about, never before aligned a B24 link, and I was in a rush to set this one up. No real alignment besides best guess eyeballing with the radios unpowered on a cold windy day. Mount is just fine.