B5 1 of 4 chain/streams broke

B5 hop has good Tx/Rx MCS of 7-9, SNR greater than 21. Three of the 4 Chain streams work great. AP end Rx bandwidth is 25% lower than Tx Bandwidth. Station end of path Tx bandwidth is 25% lower than Rx. (2) x 40 channels. Auto Bandwidth setting. Here’s what seems bad:
AP End Chain 2 no Tx or Tx and No Stream 4 Rx
Station End No Stream 4 Tx

Has anyone seen this?

Channel changes or channel swaps do not change the Chain/Stream issue

Hi Eric,

Can you contact our support team at support@mimosa.comailto:support@mimosa.co, they can help you out.

Cheers Scott.

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Hi Eric,

I am on my 3rd Station for the same issue. The first one was missing one chain out of the box. Replacement worked perfect for a few hours, and then lost one chain. 24 hours later it had lost 3 chains, so only one working. It was replaced and the replacement worked perfect for 2 weeks, and then rebooted by itself and came back up with one chain missing.

It is installed as recommended with good grounding to the structure and building metal skeleton that are grounded with ground rods in several places. Power supplied from a high end APC UPS with built in surge protection using Mimosas brick.

Data cable is a 100 foot long shielded cat 6 for outdoor use. Failures has not been related to any bad weather.

I love the B5 performance but don’t trust it without a backup link, so I have another link (Nanostation M5) set up for automatic failover. It has uptime of 334 days without failure.

Distance is 1.5 miles LOS and I get better than 30 dB S/N with low transmit power.

Access Point is on a 55 foot tower and installed as recommended. The Access Point has been working perfect.

Mimosa has provided excellent support and advance replacement units with pre-paid return shipping. Reason for failures has not been identified, so I am just hoping the next unit will keep on working.

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Hi Mats, Thanks for feedback. Mimosa responded very quickly to our issue and have a new radio on the way. It’s difficult to determine which end of path has the bad radio, so we will try replacing easy dish 1st.

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Hi Scott, I did report to support team which has been very responsive. Just curious if this was a known issue. It sounds like one other user has seen this.



Replacing radio fixed the problem. Received replacement radio from mimosa within 20 hours from request. I believe we damaged the radio during our lab testing process.

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