B5 100% CPU Utilization?

What advanced troubleshooting can I do on the radio to find out what is causing the utilization?

Hi Justin,

Mimosa products have multiple cores. The 1st core that shows up in SNMP typically runs at or above 90%. It is tasked with a low priority process of crunching spectrum data. Other CPU cores handle user traffic, so this is not a reason for concern. It is by design.

Thanks for the quick response, that is good to know, however, I have been having issues getting into the GUI, there is minimal to 0% PL on the radio, but when I try to enter the GUI, it either times out or just keeps spinning.

In that case, please send serial number and/or support logs (.tar files) directly to support@mimosa.co. The team will then be able to diagnose further. It would be important to collect logs either directly or through the cloud (Support can do this given a serial number) before rebooting the radio.

All has already been provided and should be on ticket 26241. Thanks so much