B5 100 half duplex

I have a set of b5 and b5c links and both of the access point links will only do 100half duplex instead of 1000 full but the other sides of the like is 1000 full

I am having similar problem. i tried changing Cable 2 times now… didn’t make a difference. tower is grounded properly, Low interference environment. Plz advise on this…

I have same issue. the one site have only 100Mbps full duplex. the other site have 1000Mbps full duplex. I run cat6a shield cable.

Here’s something I noticed on a B5-Lite connected to a ToughSwitch. When I set the B5-Lite to 100FD and the switch to 100FD, I got a similar problem. I set the switch back to Auto and I got 100FD. It appears that the Mimosa method of setting the Ethernet speed is to limit the speeds available in the auto negotiation, as opposed to actually setting the speed without negotiation. I worry a little that this will result in a link failure when nway incompatible equipment is encountered. I would rather they do what Mikrotik did and allow you to hard set the port, or choose what link speeds are available in the nway negotiation.