B5 2.4 ghz wifi management console

Just received 2 new B5’s. Upon unlocking & upgrading firmware there seems to be No 2.4ghz wifi management set up. really need this for tower guys for alignment. anyone else had this issue?

Hi @Jimmy1,

As of Feb 2021, the B5s do not have wifi chips anymore. The only product that has retained a 2.4 wifi chip is the B24. Due to an impending manufacturing chipset EOL change and future availability, we elected to move away from these. It is unfortunate but this is what management decided on.

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Hi @DustinS ,
I am having trouble resetting Mimosa B5. See:

We purchased the Mimosa B5 recently.

Wi-Fi SSID seems to show-up sometimes. Can you clarify what to expect regarding Wi-Fi capability?

I cannot reset using WiFi?


I recommend this reset procedure even if the units has Wifi: Backhaul User Guide: Reset B Series Radios without 2.4GHz Functionality

Make sure to set your laptop to It will only work with this address.
On the CMD window type arp -s 20-b5-c6-xx-xx-xx. The xx-xx-xx will be the last six digits of the serial number.

Your serial numbers are 1014172349 and 1019710952


The command you would type for the first one is arp -s 20-b5-c6-17-23-49
Once you type this in you have to ping Hopefully it will start to ping. Then access the unit at and reset the unit by following the on screen commands.

The second unit you would do the same but use the following command: arp -s 20-b5-c6-71-09-52.

Hello Dustin,
Thank you! I was able to login to WebUI.

Don’t have a need for reset anymore.

Could you tell a bit about the B5 “state machine” for reset? This will be helpful for doing future resets. For example,

  • “ping” : The B5 is listening for this “special ping” packet from when (x seconds after boot-up, or after LED turns …) to when?
  • Same for when “arp -s 20-b5-c6-xx-xx-xx” should start working.
  • Wasn’t clear to me looking at LEDs and the document.

Appreciate the help.


Howdy. So the radio (B5 in this instance) will be in the special listening mode for 1 minute after powering on but only if there is nothing plugged into the data port of the PoE.

The Power LED will start flashing red to indicate it is listening for the reset ARP command. After 1 minute it will go into normal operating mode.

So once the Power LED is flashing red, plug your laptop into the PoE. Make sure your IP is set to Once this is set then you can send the ARP command to reset the radio.

Once you send the ARP command you should be able to ping If you cannot, that might mean the radio has already been reset.

Navigate to on your browser and you can input the serial number in the UI box to reset the radio.