B5 and B5 Lite experiences as backhaul


I have purchased a kit PTP B5 Lite for a link 10KM and a kit PTP B5 for a link 15KM, using the design tool i can see the links with good bandwidth, line of sight and an appropriate SNR, but that’s all theoretical.

I want to know about real implemented experiences of these products in these distances (or approximate)

thank you very much and sorry if I’m repeating the topic



MMS, have a link of 25 km with 34 dBi dish, and B5c with 1300/1536, working well, however I did not have success with the version 1.41, I had to downgrade to 1.31.

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I have a B5-Lite running 95Mbps / 126Mbps (throughput not PHY) currently at 6.9km with a 40MHz channel. If you are looking for more than 100-200Mbps throughput or have to deal with a fair amount of interference than I recommend the B5c or B11. Your throughput is entirely relative to the signal to noise ratio so your results will be depending on your actual conditions. My experience is that the lite will work at that distance but the B5c with a 30dBi dish will work better. I am running FW 1.4.1 without trouble. I generally use the B5c because I care more about the capacity than the cost of the link so I don’t think I have a lite running over 7km but I know it will connect at 10km with favorable conditions…


Thanks Paulo and Joshaven1 for your answers, right now I am installing the PTP radio link of 15km with B5 at the end i’ll share the experience and results.

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mms_adventure did you finish your link? what where the results?

Recently we have made a 21Km link with a couple of B5 and have 450mb single and 210mb simmetrical(FDD) in a very radio noise zone with -51db signal.
Now we need a 27Km link, but i see B5c has only 2 connectors for exernal antenna and the question is:
how can B5c made 4x4 mimo stream in a link 2 chains?I read thecnical speec and seems the same of B5 that have one eye and 4 chains instad of 2.Can B5c do full duplex like B5.

It makes 4X4 MIMO by running two separate channels. So you have the following:

Ch 1: Horizontal Polarization + Vertical Polarization
Ch 2: Horizontal Polarization + Vertical Polarization

This is how the radio is 4X4. This is the case for both B5 and B5c. Neither product is full duplex, both run TDMA.

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Thanks for reply.
Now i have understand tdma fd is not classic fdd.
Here is another explaination: http://www.gestocomm.cz/upload/kc/files/Mimosa/B5datasheety/TDMA%20-%20FD.pdf

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