B5, B5c and B5-Lite General Discussion

Want to talk about B5, B5c and B5-Lite Backhaul products? You are in the right place…

Wireless backhaul is all about reliable bits/Hertz/$ and I expect that you will see Mimosa shine as we expand our portfolio of solutions to help operators with their transit requirements.


B5-Lite Update

B5-Lite beta/early customer units are expected to ship out for arrival by the week of Aug 10, 2015. If you are one of the lucky beta/early customers please be sure we have your shipping address, contact, and phone number!

Spoiler Alert - Click on the Image to see one of the first B5-Lite shipping boxes.


Yeah… I really want a few pairs of these!


Hows it looking on availability of the B5-Lite? We still looking towards the end of this month? Thanks!

@Kent, The beta units shipped out today. If all goes well with beta they should start shipping into distribution in about a month. Here’s a picture of Ron walking the boxes over to FedEx…


Awesome! Excited to try these out! Thanks!

Excelent equipments, i received a pair a few weeks ago and i replaced a link:

Distance: 23Km
Before: Nanobridge M5 25Dbi , -65 , 40mb aggregated
After: Mimosa B5Lite , -72 , 60mb aggregated


Awesome Carlos, I think you have just set the record for longest B5-Lite Install! Do you have any pictures?

I don’t have pics,we used licensed bands in a clean area (0 interference) to test max rates, and reliability of the mimosa link planner (was we first equipment), and also i was impressed about get those speed with that distance and antennas.

The auto-everything option is amazing, make me feel that everything i know about frequency is wrong. xD

I making tests on b5c now and with manual options i cant reach the half capacity of auto. After this tests, we are going to set up 2 backhauls the next month ,170 km with mimosa (6links) vs 160 km with cambium (5 links) (we already have uiquiti on both sides, but isn’t enough…) to compare backhaul cost/Mb.


Hey, so I have a Link set up with two b5c’s. and as I was programming up the station side of it, after I set it to static gave it an ip, subnet…etc. i changed the b5c to station mode and it connected, it locked me out. and I couldn’t log back in. I ended up having to connect wirelessly and reset it. but as soon as I changed it to station mode. it locked me out via Ethernet.

is this a known problem? or is there any problems similar?

afterwards I reconfigured it and set it up the same way (except this time just left it on DHCP+static failover, but there is no dhcp server so that should make no difference) and I can log into it through the site where the access point side of it is.

I read that there is problems with mimosa and mikrotik combinations so I should add that the access point goes like this:
5bc(access point) -> Mimosa POE -> TP-link switch -> Mikrotik RB-911 + RB-912.

Hi Stephen,

Mimosa Support can help you understand what might be going on if you email us the support logs (.tar files). Go to Diagnostics > Logs > Support Info > click the blue Support Files button to download a .tar file from each radio to your local computer, and then email the files to support@mimosa.co. If your radios are cloud monitored and currently online, we can troubleshoot that way if you share the serial numbers.

Please send pictures is really superation Ubnt or cambium what is tou coment?

Hi Chris,

What is the maximum distance B5 Lite support?


Hi Mo,

The answer about B5-Lite maximum distance depends on many factors including the throughput you expect to achieve and spectrum availability. If you have not done so already, I recommend creating a free account at http://cloud.mimosa.co so that you can model your specific link.

The longest B5-Lite link I’ve seen is 11 km, but most installations are under 3 km.

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Anyone have any real world TCP/IP throughput numbers? I’m curious how well my B5-lite 2km link is going to perform.

My B5 link hits the ball out of the park, but I can’t justify spending $1400 on every single link.

I have B5-lite on 3.5km. Signal is -63, rates are 650/650 tx/rx. Gives iperf test about 430Mbps (and i think it can do better, because of weak cpu)

The same chipset (containing several CPUs) is used on all Mimosa Backhaul radios, so it is not the source of any throughput limitation unless you need >1733 Mbps. B5-Lite is limited to a single channel at 20/40/80 MHz, so the maximum PHY rate is 866 Mbps at 1x80.

Throughput varies with many factors affecting the PHY rate (EIRP, channel width, noise, SNR, stream count, PER), the MAC rate and latency (both configurable in TDMA settings), and the traffic mix (TCP, UDP, ICMP, and other protocols traversing the link).

TCP adds protocol overhead, so I would say that a good rule of thumb is that you should expect ~70% of the MAC rate in either direction, but it can vary between 60 and 80% of the MAC rate.

Some backup info:



Your data sheet says B5 Lite latency is under 1 ms. I am getting around 7 ms on a 1500 ft link. Support say 7 ms is to be expected.

This is my first link. I had no idea that your latency specs are not real world. Should I not expect to do better?

Hi Dan,

If you select a fixed TDMA window (2/4/8 ms), the average latency is 2.5 times the window size.

If you select the Auto option, the TDMA window dynamically adjusts the traffic split based on payload (demand). With low amounts of traffic, you can achieve 1ms latency. As traffic increases, so will latency as the TDMA frame size adjusts.

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With all due respect, I don’t think your data sheet has any rights to list

How/where do I adjust the TDMA window?

Also, I have concentric 60/60. I’m getting the full down of 60 but only 12
down. Any obvious reason for that?