B5, B5c, B5-Lite DC Power Options

Are any of you guys using DC power injectors for the B5, B5c, or B5-Lite radios. I have several 24VDC solar powered sites where I’d like to put some Mimosa gear. The rest of the network is almost completely converted to B5c but I still have three solar powered sites to deal with. Any thoughts, ideas, and product suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

We’re looking at the Netonix switches - 9-60V DC input and 48VH PoE. Will tick a lot of our problem boxes and allow Mimosa kit!

I don’t know if that answers your question, but on one of our sites, we have removed the 56V power of our B5i and we feed the B5i directly via an Ubiquiti Toughswitch (48V): it works very well , it removes an intermediate device, and like that we have a remote control of the power supply of B5i (which we had not by feeding via the Mimosa power box).

I would like to use the Tycon Power TP-DCDC-2456GD-VHP, but I am not sure if it is compatible with the B5c. The provided power supply only states power on pins 1,2,3,6. Can either of you confirm what pins you are supplying voltage on to your radios. Thanks.

I’ve used the Netonix WISP switches on several B5c’s and they work totally fine. The DC models also have several features appropriate for a solar setup, like prioritization of ports in the event power gets super low (which radios could be powered down first), and an option of implementing timers during power short days, say to turn off certain radios at 3 am and have them power back up at 6 am. The switches themselves draw about 7 watts. They are great products and I have about 15 of them in service.

Or you can get on EBAY and buy some small DC-DC Upconverter units. They run around $ 10., and will do 12-24 volt to 48 volt, with about 6 amps output (parallel them for more amps)

Work great, and are cheap. We use 2 sets of them, from a 12 volt battery bank. 12 v. to 24 v, and 12 v. to 48 v. Get the “Blue Seas” fuse boxes to use for distribution.

I’ve used this model of inyector POE for B5c (Planet IPOE-162) accept two input DC 24-48 or 24AC is for industrial solutions, it work with 802.11at (56V) and 30Watts maximum power, pin 4/5(+), 7/8(-). It work very well whitout problems with my system solar (24VDC) (one year work).

Hello Everyone, Could someone depict configuration of Netonix switch to defining 7 different VLAN grouping port two by two and assigning them to their VLAN ?

Like following:

ports 1-2 -> VLAN1
ports 3-4 -> VLAN2
ports 5-6 -> VLAN3
ports 7-8 -> VLAN4
ports 9-10 -> VLAN5

and so on.