B5 Bandwidth Problems after Software upgrade

Hi all,

I got serious bandwidth loss with the Upgrade to Firmware Tried everything at the moment but on a link of 260 metres , i get a maximum bandwidth of 380 Mbps , before the upgrade ist was around 800Mbps.

Trying to adjust transmit power and channel width , but it won´t change anything. The Signal Meter only shows me the PHY Rate , not the MAC Rate after upgrade. (is this normal?)

What about the transmit power and Channel width have you adjusted?

It’s 2x40 MHz, at the moment I tried with setting auto transmit power minimum. It does not change, wether I set the transmit power to manual rates… or to one of the auto settings. Nor when I set the Channel Width to 2x80MHz

What manual TX powers have you used?

Have you tried different channels?

Have you attempted to downgrade the link?

Yes I tried everything, best results are achieved with 27/2 DBm but tried everything down to 18/-7 . Of course, i tried every channel too. no I did not downgrade, where can i get older software ?

Do you know what firmware you were running before?

If so you can contact Mimosa with your issue and they should be able to get you a copy of the older firmware.

It was 1.5.1, I will give it a try, but i have doubts that it will run smoothly since I already lost two b5c’s with upgrading/downgrading.

I am running without issue on my B5c radios, I think I was running 1.5.4 before without issue as well.

I would also try dropping your TX power until each end is receiving around -40 dB. I try to make certain that the radios are not receiving too much power, that can overload them and drop your TX/RX rate.

That said, I would also try swapping around your channels and see if maybe there is something else weird going on.

Thank you very much for Info, I tried to reduce TX Power but the result is, that it is getting worse. When I set it to the highest available TX Power (27/2) and change the channels to 2x80 and center frequency to 5510 and 5590 , i get the best results…

Could you post a picture of your Channel and Power page and highlight what you are changing? I think I am not understanding what you mean by “TX Power (27/2)”