B5 / can't unloc / but can add to inventory /works, but empty cloud


We are Mimosa distributor.
We gave two B5 to client for tests.
They returned it.

Now it is kinda unclean behavior in cloud:
when I trying to unlock this devices in cloud in unlock section, cloud tells me that this devices are in another account’s inventory (but client claims that he removed them).
But! In my account in inventory I can add this devices manually, get unlock code and use the devices. But even with everything working I don’t see devices anywhere except inventory section.
Is it normal behavior or I don’t understand something or I’m doing something wrong.

Hi @RMA,

Would you please private message me the serial numbers of the two B5s and what network they are supposed to be unlocked to.


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Sorry for late reply, I was on vocation.

Seems so, that previous owner (client, who take this deviceы for tests) finally remove them from his inventory. I tried to add them to my inventory, everything is ok now.

By the way, if you try to add owned device to the inventory using “Manually add to inventory”, cloud service will add them without notification that they are already owned by other.

Thank you for your reply and readiness to help.