B5 Connectivity problems

I’ve got 4 B5 links that have a very strange issue. When I reboot the device, if I plug anything (laptop, switch etc) in to the data port on the POE before (at a guess) at least 60 secs after the reboot, the radio wont be visible to the device.

So, e.g. if I reboot the radio with my laptop plugged into the poe, when it powers back up, I cannot get to the gui. If i reboot it, take out the cable, wait a while, plug it back in, then its fine.

This has caused some fairly large issues as it made if very difficult to prove connectivity in the event of previous issues.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar? Mimosa say they have never sen it occur, maybe I’m unlucky having it happen on 4 devices.

Sounds like an ARP problem on the PC. Can you ping it? What do you see in a DOS window for arp -g

Not sure, I’ll try it, but the same thing happens direct from switch ports