B5 Couldn't get good signal

Good afternoon, i have trouble with my mimosa B5. The link couldn’t get good signal whereas distance only 3 km and i have link existing with mikrotik. Same direction but different signal.
here are the screen shoot:

Could someone help me ?? Thanks

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In looking at your spectrum report it seems you have a lot of potential interference in play.

I was recently advised by Mimosa to NOT use the “Auto-Everything” option on the B5. In your case which was different than mine, by not using it, you can choose a better frequency pair to work with so you can get around some of the interference.

The report shows you seem to be allowed a lot more access than in my country. While looking at the spectrum report the “green” bars are your selected (auto-selected in this case) frequencies.

You should look for gaps where the noise is as low as possible AND there is not another use on, or close to the one you choose.

If you take it off auto-everything, you will get a list of “suggested” channels(freqs) you can use, or you can pick your own that would be legal where you are. Additionally, you can select the TX power levels. Note that you can adjust both channels and both power levels different if needed.

From your report, it appears to me that your Center Frequency 2 has some congestion that you may want to move away from to help.

Once you turn off auto-everything, you will have access to change what’s needed. Make a note of the frequencies already assigned so that you can reuse them if desired.

Also note that once you change from AutoEverything, the Maximum Channel Width will change from the listed 160 to 2x80.

Finally, if you’re still not getting what you hope for, and you’ve already done a antenna alignment between the 2 sites to maximize throughput, then you will likely have to change your channel width downwards.
Lowering the bandwidth will allow you the chance of better service in congested RF spaces. This as has been my experience in general with wireless and I think it applies here.

In this case, it allows you a little finer control over the frequency you can select.
You will notice as you lower your bandwidth that the number of possible frequencies (channels) available to you increases.

Hope some or all of this helps you.

(For comparison - here is my spectrum report - you can see from this why I say yours is very congested compared to mine)

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I have B5-lie on 4km link with -64 signal. Something is wrong with antenna aligning or there is some kind of obstacle in the path.

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I have a link at similar distance with excellent results. Better than predicted target.

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i have similar problems i have two B5’ Link in one i was just put them and they pair fast, PHY 1300/1300 (Not good enough for a 5km) but this is where it gets bad in the primary Tower a link at 2km. ive link them but instead of sending bulk of Internet im receiving all the of it i have more in upload than download in my second tower
ive have tried many channels inclusive DFS and only one gets more internet than the other
this also happen if i choose 1x20 2x40 or all the combination

What is the result in you select TDMA traffic balance AUTO? Using 2ms will reduce your throughput.
Also make sure that the SN ratio is close to 30dB. Reduce power if you are above 35dB and try again.

Your Tx power is 24dBm = (27dBm). That is too high and should NOT be used for close links. I am using 11-14dBm on each frequency for my link to reach 30dB or better SN ration. Too high power WILL reduce throughput.


What the good snr value …
I have 28 /30 on ap
And 38/39 on st
I thought that the maximum value is the good ?
I that true or the lower value is good

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