B5 Drops Packet every 60 Seconds

Like clockwork, one of my B5 links will drop just one packet every 60 seconds. The B5 is on the latest firmware. The AP side is co-located with UBNT 5AC APs and the Client side is co-located with Cambium ePMP 2000 5 GHz APs. Frequencies have plenty of distance between them. All 3 types of equipment are set with GPS Sync enabled (5 ms, 50/50). Any thoughts on why this would be happening? It is indeed service affecting and not just the management that is being goofy.

This is interesting, did you do a packet capture to log the one packet drop?

What time during the minute does the packet drop? Does this change if you restart the B5 (I would do the master and the slave separately) If it does change then you have some sort of internal hardware issue possibly. If it does not change you might have an environmental issue.

All the deals being GPS Synced shouldn’t be of any relevance. Sync isn’t compatible between vendors (yet).

Could you show us the spectrum graph you have, maybe from the link and some of the other equipment you have in the location?

I have not yet went on site to get a packet capture yet.

The time does indeed change when I reboot the AP side of the link but the drops are always 60 seconds apart.

I know that unfortunately sync isn’t yet compatible between vendors. I just wanted to add that piece to try and be as descriptive as I can. But I would agree with you, It almost does seem to be something internally related to my AP radio.

Mimosa AP Spectrum Scan

UBNT Spectrum Scan (pointing same general direction as Mimosa AP

Hi Justin,
Thank you for letting us know of this issue. We would like to follow up and get more details on this, so we have created a Mimosa Support case to track it. You should have received an email with a case number and the information you have already provided.
Thank you for your patience as we investigate this issue.
Best regards,

Geez, that is a dead silent area.

Does the timing change if you just restart the client side of the link? (or just the AP?)

Unless there is some sort of sporadic noise that the Mimosa equipment isn’t logging then I would guess it could be hardware. Looks like you got Mimosa’s attention though, so please do let us know what the problem/resolution is.

Mimosa did reach out to me directly so I will definitely let you know what we find out.

Rebooting the client side doesn’t change the time when the packet drops, just when I reboot the AP side.

It was indeed a hardware issue tied to the AP side of the link. We replaced that radio and the problem is no longer happening. Reached out to @Hector-M via email to try and get the unit RMAed

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