B5 in low power applications

We consider to use our B5 devices for a 8 km link in the Swiss Alps. The client is a measurement station powered by solar energy only that’s why the wireless link is only active in two cases:

  1. every hour for a short transmission of the system state
  2. in case of a flood an alarm is issued and webcam images are transferred over the wireless link

The B5 needs 1:15 minutes for starting up and establishing a connection. This is far too long for us as the time until the flood arrives the valley is only 10 minutes…

Our question: is there any chance to speed up the boot process (<40 seconds would be acceptable) or is there a low power mode we could enter when the wireless link is not needed?


I’m surprised that requests adressed over the web contact form have the same effect as posting questions here: none at all…

Is there any one from Mimosa feeling responsible to address customer needs?

Still surprised that no one feels responsible - is there anything like a customer support @ Mimosa?

Have you tried the live chat?

No, I haven’t tried it. Beneath the time difference of 9 hours I thought it would be enough to contact Mimosa over two different channels… :roll_eyes:
We’re evaluating a system of MikroTik now, needs less power, ready in 17 seconds and the support is really fast (same day reply): DynaDish 5
They also don’t transfer any data to their server and if they work reliable (what we expect as a partner in Norway uses them in a harsh environment) we won’t use Mimosa products anymore.

Mikrotik wireless driver development was abandoned 2 years ago, and most of the folks are moving away from this brand. So good luck.

Thanks for this information, where have you got it from? It’s interesting that Mikrotik answers technical questions while Mimosa only sells products without supporting them. Luck is obviously what you need for both of them.

Christian, it sounds like you attempted to contact us via the web form which is supposed to create an offline support case, and we answer all of those requests within 48 business hours.

I checked our system did not see any record of any offline request from you, but did see that we had a live chat session with you today. A number of other community members also mentioned live chat, and we do prioritize live chat requests over offline messages. Our system also creates an offline support case, if you join the chat line and your chat request goes unanswered.

Your request for a faster rebooting time, and thus more on-demand connection, is interesting and my colleague who you chatting with will submit as a feature request to our product team. It is not a common request, so I can’t say at this point how it will be prioritized.

There is an option with the “chat with us” that you can leave them a message and they will reach back to you. This may help with your time difference to them. They are located in Pacific Standard Time.

I am looking for a similar power need, but my need is not safety critical like yours.

I have used several different products, and I have not found any that can boot up and get a link in less than 40 seconds if they were not already powered in some way.

The only other way to lower power consumption I can see is the transmitter portion. But that situation with that is you have to have it right on the edge of no link. Given your environment I think that would not allow a good margin to account for ant bad weather.

I hope you find a solution.