B5 Link Tweaking (not twerking)

Hi all i am very new to Mimosa products and have successfully got a 28 km link up, i have managed to obtain a -75 db signal but with some fine adjustments i can get it better. my question is what is the best approach to manually adjust the link instead of just having the AP on auto everything. i am using the link for a CCTV back haul and will be throwing about 100 Mbps down it to a centralized control room. i briefly glanced at the manual and it touched on setting the chains to specific values improves the strength. i need to have someone in simple English to explain how to go about this? i am going back to the site in the week coming and will be installing a remote desktop to have remote access to the site and be able to do system changes remotely. Any assistance or suggestions would greatly be appreciated have a nice day.

thanks in advance