B5 Lite 15 km link

I am planning do do a 15 km link and 10 km link will B5 Lite hack below are I need to get 200Mbps if possible anyone who has deployed such long link
Below is path analysis

Hi Sheldon,

A B5c link with higher gain antennas would work much better at that distance. We see few B5-Lite links in operation at distances longer than 2km for reference.


Hi Chris,
one off-topic question wich is important to me - why C5c is not compatible with B5 series??? It would be ideal for links over 10km.

Hi Nikolay,

The C5c can be used for PTP applications (C5c to C5c) with the 2.3.0 PTP firmware build available on the cloud.

C5c does not have GPS, so it cannot share the same channel as B5/B5c in collocation situations.


Too bad you are developing firmware on a product, that is not compatible with your existing products. I was prepared to buy a pair of C5c, but as soon i heard that is not compatible with other PTP line, i skipped. Good luck.

But you can use those 2 c5c put a 30 or 34 db gain antenna and passs the 200mbps you need at those distances

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Why would you want to mix two different products in a PtP link to begin with? That doesn’t make sense.

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I dont want to mix them, but to have backup in that case i have to buy from every product 1 or 2 pieces just to have them for quick swap if simething happens.

They are different products. I don’t expect to be able to swap an NS5 in place of a AF5 Why would I expect to use a c5c in place of a B5?

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And why not? Use external antenna of any type and thats it.