B5-lite 6km link

I can confirm I can see both ends free of obstruction but wanted everyone’s opinions on if I can get away with a B5-lite, I bumped the power to 26dBm and the spectrum is pretty clear as we have 0 wisps in the area and most people use provider equipment and as far as I know none of the carriers are using 5Ghz. I am beaming a Comcast 300Mbps connection to a house right outside of Comcast’s footprint.

At that distance you are looking maybe 520 PHY and around 400 IP throughput. Remember calculator does not include noise floor, which is important for SNR calculation.

Do you think I should do a B5c with a higher gain antenna?

Hi, in that case I think is more interesting to use a pair of C5c with 25-30 db gain antenas.

Yes, use a B5 or B5c. The -lite will have less gain at both ends, and also pick up more crud from the sides. The B5 has dual channel operation and more solid construction.

Consider to use B5-Lite to PTP link under 2 Km distance. No more then this.

For your link go with B5c + Jirous DuplEX 24 dB antennas.

More, due to endemic ethernet flapping problem of B5’s (all models), I suggest you to use Netonix Switch to both sides and shortest ethernet cable you can.