B5-Lite Access port or Trunk Port

I have a pair of B-5 Lite’s that I am testing in my office. When they are in cisco “switchports” I can get to them via their DHCP address, when I change them to trunk ports (because I need to pass multiple vlan’s), I can no longer access them through the web interface via the DHCP address. Everything works fine (I’m actually connected to a switch that is connecting back into our network via the B-5 Lite’s) except for management of the device. I don’t even see the MAC address for the B-5’s either. Anyone else experienced this?

  1. Are you using same vlan as native on the trunk port as when in switchport on the cisco?
  2. Is your client trying to connect to the B5-lite on the same vlan, or do you have routes between the different vlans and sufficent acl to allow traffic in the router/security gateway?

Another question, are you setting up a management VLAN and are you setting the “Management VLAN” settings in your B5-lite?