B5-Lite Aiming advice

Hi, recently installed the B5-Lite (access point and station) as a way of getting faster broadband to my rural location. Mimosa design site says the throughput should be 650Mbps, but the devices are showing 180Mbps. Any advice on tweaking the setup to improve the throughput?
Design site says SNR 24.29dB

device showing
Type : Mimosa - B5-Lite
IP :
S/W Version : 1.4.1
SSID : mimosa139
LAN Speed : Auto
Center Frequency 1 : 5745 MHz DFS
Tx Power 1 : (dBm) 17
Protocol : TDMA
TDMA Configuration : A - 4ms - AUTO

Link is 6.7km long, and chimney mounted.

Just looking at the link plot and given the height above ground, the likely culprit may be trees. The design tool sees the ground and some building obstructions but not trees. Also, the SNR is showing as less than optimal.