B5-LITE and Ubiquiti EdgePoint

I replaced a site switch with a Ubiquiti EdgePoint S-16. However I could not get the B5-LITE to power up. It is connected to port 3 of the EP and the port is set for 54V-4 wire passive POE. According to what I have read the B5-LITE voltage range is 48 to 56v so this should work. Any ideas?

Hi, I have an edgepoint s16 with two c5c and a b5lite working without problems …
I have the edgepower

Strange, my B5/B5c’s work fine as POE+. I have not tried a c5c but the B5-lite uses the same POE so my guess is it will not work. I am only using the provided PS and not the EdgePower. However, I am running AirFibers at other locations with the standard PS and they certainly suck more power than the B5-lite. I have an Edgepower so I’ll give it a try.