B5 lite beta first bugs

first impressions on beta 1.3:
Cannot set manualy neither traffic split or TDMA size (this makes jitter unpredictable). Please correct it !!!
Remote station side was stuck with 10dbm output power and the signal was very poor. Tried to edit and reboot config file, which worked.
Bandwith now seems 100mbps more (form ~400 to 500Mbps) which is good.
Still cannot see STP or RSTP function.
There was some packet loss on 1.2.4, soon to say for now.

Hi Nikolay,

Thanks for the feedback. Glad to hear that your capacity improved dramatically.

The traffic split and TDMA size are handled differently on B5-Lite than on other platforms. Since the B5-Lite does not have GPS, the Auto option is the only one that made sense. Allowing the radio to adjust those settings automatically results in lower latency and lower, more predictable jitter in our testing.

The station radio receives Tx power settings from the AP. You should never have to edit the configuration file, and we do not recommend doing so. Please send logs (before making changes) to support@mimosa.co if you run into a problem like that and we can help you resolve it.

There is no STP/RSTP function in our Backhaul firmware at this time.

Hi Chris,
thank you for your reply.
I would like to manage traffic split and tdma size myself. Would you consider adding this option to future release?

Hi Nikolay,

Yes, we will consider this. Thanks for the feedback.