B5-Lite Blinks Orange after power loss during upgrade reboot

I have just un-boxed my new pair of B5-Lite. Upgraded and unlocked one successfully.

The 2nd one is no longer accessible after power loss during upgrade reboot process.

The device now only blinks the Orange Light with LAN cable connected but i can not ping

The Power Indicator (Green) is Off.

I have tried to reset but nothing happens.

Please help.


Could it be possible to flash this B5-Lite device?

Hi Jervis,

The B5-Lite has two image locations, so if power was lost during the first upgrade, it should be able to boot using the second image. If power was also removed during the second upgrade, then both image locations could be corrupt, and the only solution is to replace it. The only way to re-flash the firmware is by uploading an image through the GUI.