B5 Lite can't access the radios

Hi, I have a set of B5 lite that I’m really struggling with. When I get them to pair up and work I cant seem to access the GUI. I can ping the two radios so I know they are working. I’m using the link now to type this so again I know I have a stable link. The two IPs are currently and .29 but my browser times out when I try to connect. If I disconnect the wan cable from the switch I can access the radios without issue on the fail over IPs and .21 (I have changed the second units fail over from .20 to .21

Meant to be installing them next week but really wary about doing it until I’m 100% happy.
Any help of advice would be greatly appreciated.

You will want to make sure that the DHCP client is assigning the correct IP to the radios. (Though I recommend static always.
Management>> “IP Mode” >> set to “Static” not “DHCP + Static Failover”

Otherwise double check that you don’t have conflicting IPs.

Could also be that your browser is trying to connect over HTTPS instead of HTTP (or vice versa) check that as well.

Also I would try using different web browsers (I got really desperate with the same problem until a workmate told me to try IE or Mozilla, and the magic appeared).
Good luck :wink: