B5-Lite elevation adjustment

I need to mount a B5-Lite on a mast. Is there anyway to achieve elevation adjustment when doing this?

The quick way is with shims. Use a cable tie around the pole at the bottom or top of the mounting point to change the tilt upward or downward. Anything that would reasonably space out the bottom or top (without decomposing or deteriorating and later causing issues) can get the job done.

Otherwise, the flex-mount can be mounted to a pole and will allow for elevation adjustment.

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I’m quite disappointed in this. I was also going to deploy Mimosa client access, but I see the CPE’s are the same form factor. J-mounts are great for pointing a dish at a satellite or at another adjacent building. For residential access they are not very good due to trees and surrounding buildings. This may be a deal breaker. The competition has elevation adjustable brackets in their lowest cost radios.

If anyone has found any kind of bracket that will work for this I would love to know.

We are using the Mimosa FlexiMount. Mimosa -> FlexiMount -> J-Mount.

It gets us the adjustment we need, HOWEVER, in our experience, the diameter of the FlexiMount is too small for the shape of the indent on the C5. We cannot tighten the clamps enough to prevent turning in heavy winds.

Last month we had to re-aim quite a few, although, to be fair, the power company was out replacing snapped power poles.

I didn’t know about the fleximount. That looks better, but we do get a lot of wind. I wonder if something could reliably be wrapped around it to prevent slippage.

We use a length of waste pipe split and slid over the mount. Size is the small type used under washbasins or sinks.