B5-Lite Firmware Failure & Lost Connectivity

Hi Everyone,

I recently applied firmware update 1.50 > 1.51 to a pair of B5-Lites.

One of the devices has lost Cloud Connectivity and the logs says the update has failed . I can’t connect to it on the LAN and it’s IP address, I just get the IIS default page when I try

The connection itself is however up and passing traffic just fine.

I guess re-trying the Firmware is a logical next step… if only I could get onto the device.

Idea please?

Hi @Anito,

Did you try power cycling the B5L you’re having issues with?

Yes and more than once.

I have to remove the power though as it doesn’t respond to a software reboot from the main management console and as I say I can’t logon to the device directly.

The only other thing to try is to factory reset the unit and see if you can access it.

Thanks DustinS.

I know there’s a Factory Reset option in the UI but given the reboot doesn’t work this will almost certainly be a physical job.

I assume that means a PIN in the back of the unit?

#Dread :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Anito,

Yeah you’ll have to use a pin or paperclip on the back of the radio.