B5-Lite Frequency Selection

The unit is set on Auto Everything. There are locked frequency exclusions, which I assume are due to the allowable frequencies in my country (USA). However, there are also exclusions that appear to have been manually entered. They have a trash can symbol instead of a locked symbol. However, I did not enter those exclusions. Does the Auto Everything enter those or should I delete them to free up more frequencies for Auto Everything to use?

Your radio looks for DFS hits and will mark areas it sees multiple hits to avoid so that the Auto Everything doesn’t pick a channel it will immediately have to vacate.

If you know your area and know that there isn’t DFS Radar in those frequencies you can remove the exclusions, but the radio decided it should avoid something there so I would be hesitant about enabling those frequencies.

I suspected something like that. It just didn’t appear to be in use when looking at the spectrum graph. If it’s receiving the signal intermittently though, that would explain it. Thanks.

I noted this behavior as well, however – even if you delete them, they IMMEDIATELY come back as locked!

This does not happen to our B5’s, only the B5-Lite.

In our case, DFS hits are likely bogus as we’re hundreds of miles from anything… Generally, we just try to avoid using DFS channels if we can so this doesn’t cause unexpected impact.
The logic of self-locking has merit, however I found nothing in documentation that advised that the system would self-lockout in cases of DFS “hits”, so it is at least a little unexpected behavior to have a channel self-lockout.

Impact is low, but in some cases where false DFS triggering it would seem it could cause an issue where frequency/channel availability is limited.

Weird, we ran our B5-Lites for months without issues on DFS channels. Maybe if you contacted Mimosa support they might want to take a look at it and see what’s up…

For us — while I consider it somewhat abnormal behavior, it doesn’t rise to calling support in our case because there’s plenty of other channels to use and work around this. The other thing for us is we do NOT use AUTO! So, if I’ve picked a non-DFS channel, it makes one wonder exactly how did that channel get locked since it wouldn’t be using a DFS channel in which to need a change to another one to meet the protocol.

For us as I said, it’s an observation with no impact at present.

I did note there is a small firmware update available now, so we’ll review again once we get to update the firmware.

Put your gps coordinates in. I believe the unit is looking for valid ‘country location’

@Shannon1 -
B5-lite does not support GPS, and in the B5 series, one cannot insert GPS coordinates (that I am aware of). GPS is normally utilized for frequency reuse in your own system as I recall to coordinate TDMA timing. GPS isn’t used to determine your country details other than for mapping considerations.

When you configure either radio, your license key triggers your country entry during configuration. This is not programmatic after the fact. Your key essentially locks you to your registered country…

@Bryan1 I do not disagree with what you are stating.

B5-lite has no GPS… Nor timing… I am stating if I put the GPS coords in under “Wireless --> Location”
I delete the DFS exclusion (Hit the trash can) it does stay gone.

I can only assume the B5-Lite needs some sort of validation of ‘where it is’ which if that is the case is totally lame as you could just put ‘anywhere’ in there.

FYI I am in the United States.

I understand what you’re talking about now… Not something I’ve considered or had to anyway as my B5’s don’t seem to show this same behavior that the B5-lite.

Thanks for clarifying this for me…