B5-Lite in snow environment

we have B5-Lite link , 1.4.6 firmware, 350meters distance, at top of office. speed is150mbit & level is -70db or less.

when it goes very windy& intense snow falling , we lost the link.

antenna is mounted on TRM3 TRM3
i hope you will found the image. so, B5-lite is mounted with a 10 foot pole on the tripod.

we have to reset the antenna to get the link back.

do you have an answer?

I have 2 set of B5_Light. Have Mimosa tech help you tweak you setting and signal to get Performance. I was getting about 110Mbs after tweaking i was hitting around 400Mbs. Ask one of Mimosa tech to control your computer using TeamViewer and Tweak you setting.

When you say “reset” the antenna, do you mean a factory reset or do you mean you have to re-aim it?

I can tell you that if you didn’t add something to your mast to stabilize it, as well as add something to prevent the antenna itself from moving (slipping around) on the mast that you should do both.

The issue we had with ours wasn’t the height/length of the mast, it was the attachment to the mast. The antenna backing is slick hard plastic in design. There’s not enough friction to hold it like the full size B5 antenna.

You must consider in the snow time that the temperature makes the clamping not as tight by just enough that it allows the antenna to move. Cold makes things shrink, and if it’s not gripping well to begin with, it’ll show up when it gets cold.

The antenna, while small has enough surface area and a poor attaching mechanism that high winds will affect it…It’s just physics.

We added self-sealing silicone tape (low tech solution) to the area we attach on the mast. There is no adhesive in it, so it won’t quite and it handles constant sun quite well too. It can also (depending on brand) be installed in cold weather. (you can warm it in your pocket to help)
Once we installed this the attachment issue was resolved.

The other part you have is the 10’ mast. Unless it is thick wall, I can assure you it flexes in the wind with the antenna installed. The only solution for that is adding guy wires. You must consider not only the 10’ mast, but the height of the location that mast is on.

Finally, if your aiming isn’t quite right the dish in these antennas won’t line up properly and you could have a borderline signal that’s just great until the wind picks up.

Consider that the beam-width of the signal is only 14 degrees wide… Pretty small angle to work with, but not unusual because of the design. The B5 I believe is 8 deg!

We have a setup that’s some 1700 meters from end to end. We do not have snow here, but we’re in tornado alley so we definitely get the wind. We see minor fluctuations, but no signal losses have been noted.

If you haven’t already, I recommend using the DESIGNER on the Mimosa sight to help guide you a little more on your aiming. Not only compass direction, but also the angle of the elevation of the antenna. There are both important and become more important as your distance increases.

All these little things add up to some annoying and very frustrating outages that seem impossible to solve, but each on their own is reasonably easy to address in most cases.