B5-lite install success story in rural Susquehanna County, PA

Location: Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania

My brother recently built a new house that was far enough from the main road that the “only option” cable internet provider was going to charge him $1000s to run a connection from the road to his home. Enter the B5-lite. For $299 he is now beaming internet originating at our parents home across a valley 900 meters to his house. Aside from an extra 12ms of latency (which will get knocked down to 2ms with a pending new firmware release), the speed he now gets from his home is identical to the speed at our parents home–roughly 37Mbps down / 6Mbps up.

Out of the box we got the link up with 180Mbps throughput. After minimal tuning we are now up to 750Mbps and can go higher by adjusting the dish to the target SNR and dBm at 900m. The best part about this story is that I (the other brother) configured this B5-lite setup remotely via phone calls and remote laptop connections–neither my brother or parents are remotely technical.

Long story short, this product rocks!

Views from parent end:

Views from brother end:


Awesome!!! Job!!! Clean Steright Forward and Best of All You Match Your ISPs Throughput… I have a similar scenario and I cant wait to deploy.

Update: After upgrading the firmware to 1.3.0 today the ping time delay dropped from ~ 12ms to 1ms. Amazing! Keep up the good work.

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Can you provide a speed test screen cap? What’s your non PHY speed between the two sites?

I don’t have access to computers on either end to make the screen shot happen right now. The speed is at least 800Mbps though…it’s somewhat irrelevant in this case as the limiting factor (by far) is the cable connection from Time Warner.