B5 Lite Lan response intermittent

Hi, we have a bridge running over the B5lite radios, the throughput is great but the client has reported that they get periods of one to two minutes that it appears to stall. I have checked the logs and cant see there is an issue with the link but have noticed that the ethernet interface of the radios appears to stop responding but intermittently comes back to life.
While this is happening the link is still active and I can ping across it, but I cannot ping the radios or access their gui - the cloud inetrface shows the devices are still active too.
Anyone else seen similar issues?


Hi Bruce I have just come from site and had a strange episode where I had my B5 radio show it has ethernet via the dashboard but I cannot ping the device or log into it. After spending two days trying to pin point the problem we discovered we had an earth fault on the tower. The earth potential was different from the supply voltage that what it was on the tower. I earthed the tower with the same potential as my supply and sorted the problem out. Hope this helps?

Sorry I forgot I managed to see the dashboard via the management 2.4ghz terminal to determine this

I am having similar issue… I installed B5 units preconfigured on the towers… The wireless link is UP but i am having Drops in Ping on LAN interface…even when i connect directly to my laptop there is drops in the ping.

on site i have Linksys Gigabit switch and it simply does not negotiate LAN when connecting to switch.