B5-lite link disassociates when switching channels

I was checking the logs on some of our devices and it seems like whenever the auto-everything decides it wants to change channels, it drops the link entirely for about a whole minute when it changes. Is that by design? Is disabling that feature the only way to prevent links from disassociating?

"2016-10-30 18:55:15 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT Channel Change p.ch:41(5205 MHz) s.ch:0(0 MHz) bw:120"
"2016-10-30 18:55:17 (UTC +0000) syslog: MIMO_EVENT AutoEverything: NEW CHANNELS : ch1-> 5205 ch2-> 5205 bw-> 20 pw1-> 15 pw2-> 15 fdd-> 0 est_phyrat-> 144"
"2016-10-30 19:16:54 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT CAC_START:Channel: 47:Time:60s"
"2016-10-30 19:16:54 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT Wireless disassociated"
"2016-10-30 19:16:55 (UTC +0000) syslog: MIMO_EVENT AutoEverything: NEW CHANNELS : ch1-> 5310 ch2-> 5310 bw-> 80 pw1-> 7 pw2-> 7 fdd-> 0 est_phyrat-> 260"
"2016-10-30 19:17:54 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT CAC_END:Channel: 62"
"2016-10-30 19:18:06 (UTC +0000) root: MIMO_EVENT Wireless associated"

Hi Christopher,

This channel change was from a non-DFS channel (5250 MHz) to a DFS channel (5350 MHz), which requires a 60-second channel assessment check (CAC). This behavior is expected and is documented here: http://backhaul.help.mimosa.co/backhaul-faq-supported-frequencies

One way to prevent Auto Everything from selecting DFS channels is to create exclusions for them on the Channel & Power page: http://backhaul.help.mimosa.co/backhaul-ug-exclusions-restrictions

Gotcha. I’m not sure how the b5-lite hardware is different from the b5 hardware, but is there no way for you guys to develop something for the Lite similar to what the B5 does? (Listen on the new channel while pass traffic through the old channel until the 60 second assessment is done)

Only one channel on the B5-Lite, otherwise we would do that.