B5-lite TX power

I tried a brief search but didn’t find anything.

Is it true that I can’t turn the TX power down on these radios? And if so, why not?

I have a link that is literally across the street and I have -35 for signals. I need that lower I would assume to get proper data rates.

Hi Tristan,

The B5-Lite power circuit was designed with longer distance links in mind, but the receiver was designed to work well at receiving hot (high amplitude) signals to support shorter distance bridge applications. At -35 dBm, you do start getting into receiver saturation, so we are working on another product to address that. The reason we do not enable lower Tx power on the B5-Lite is because of some power control issues that would lead to a less stable product.

Not cool.

Tristan Johnson

You can, but in 10-23 range.

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